@SMCMelb presents: “YouTube & Australia” w/ The StoryLab, BoomVideo & YouTuber Louna Maroun.



Over a billion people use YouTube, with on average there being over 4 billion video views per day. Our next free Social Media Melbourne event will be all about the world’s second biggest search engine in Australia, as we discuss all things YouTube. In this panel discussion, we’ll talk about the Aussies that watch it, the brands and agencies that make videos for it, and the everyday people that become YouTube stars.

Our event looks at online video from 3 different perspectives: a company that specialises in video content strategy and making engaging branded videos, another company that specialises in seeding YouTube videos and connecting brands to influential YouTube stars, as well as a home-grown Melbourne YouTube star! RSVP now to reserve your spot!






Paul Chappell

The Story Lab – Content Agency



A full service digital content agency part of a global network, The Story Lab tells brand stories that connect brands to their consumers in meaningful, relevant and valuable ways. They exist to find new ways to reach and engage people and empower them with great content. Not only do they create original engaging short and long form video content for brands, but they also specialise in content strategy and media integration partnerships.
In this panel discussion, General Manager Paul Chappell will talk about how Australians currently consume video online and the opportunities for brands, as well as share on The Story Lab’s approach to developing online video content strategies for some of Australia’s biggest brads.




Sasha Kouvchinov
Boom Video – Australia’s premier video & social media agency and YouTube’s first Australian partner network.


Boom Video is Australia’s premier video and social media agency and YouTube’s first Australian partner network. They seek to influence and inspire the industry by pushing the video envelope and taking video advertising to new creative bounds and giving brands the Boom treatment. With an unparalleled conceptual understanding of social video, they help connect Australian brands with Australian YouTube stars to help create 3rd party branded video content. They also specialise in video seeding, pre-roll placements, and working with various large brands and Aussie social media influencers.

In this panel discussion, Sasha from Boom will be talking about how they go about their business in partnering brands with influential YouTubers, as well as a few successful case studies such as Schick and Disney’s Frankweenie to name a few.






Louna Maroun

YouTuber, Vlogger, Singer, Performer


A genuine home-grown YouTuber star from Melbourne, Louna has 4 successful YouTube channels that show her take in comedy vlogs, music, parodies, and beauty tutorials, and she was honoured by Google as one of their 16 Global “Next Vloggers”, and Australia’s only representative in 2013. With a subscriber base of hundreds of thousands of fans across her 4 YouTube channels, and just under 8 million total video views, Louna is a genuine home-grown YouTube star.

On this panel, she’ll be discussing working with brands across her channels, including tips and tricks on how brands should (and shouldn’t) work with and approach YouTubers. She’s also be discussing a few case studies, including working with Disney Australia.








Your event MC – Yvonne Adele


Social Media Producer / Conference Speaker. Founder of Speaking School

Social media creator/curator/collaborator and community manager at YvonneAdele.com – follow her on Twitter @Yvonne_Adele.










We want to continue to help Melbournians learn more about social media for free, and we can’t do this without acknowledging our awesome sponsors. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne is the proud sponsor of Social Media Club Melbourne in 2015. Clemenger BBDO is a full-service creative agency with a creative led social media team who work on some of the most successful social media brands in Australia. Recent social media campaigns by Clemenger BBDO include the NAB ‘Footify’ campaign and Tourism Victoria’s ‘Remote Control Tourist’.





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